Centennial Law Offices provides representation for policy-holders in disputes with insurance companies, brokers, or agents. As a policy-holder, you purchased insurance for the coverage benefits, including the peace of mind afforded by being insured. In addition to being wrongful, it is often very frustrating when your insurance company refuses to pay out on a claim for which you are entitled. It is the expectation of every policy-holder that their insurance company will pay out on a claim per the terms of the insurance policy.

Centennial Law Offices provides policy-holders with representation in a variety of insurance law issues, including:

Breach of Contract (failure of insurance company to pay per terms of policy)
Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith/Fail Dealing
Bad Faith Denial/Handling of Claims
Cancellations (improper)
-by insurance brokers
-by insurance companies
-by insurance brokers
-by insurance companies
Negligent Failure to Insure (insurance company, agent, or broker failure to provide policy /coverage as needed/requested)