If you are being contacted by a debt collection company, you have certain powerful rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA"). To review a summary of your rights, frequent violations of the FDCPA, and the entire FDCPA itself, click the link to check for collection violations. If you are the victim of a collection violation, Centennial Law Offices will represent you without charge with regards to prosecuting a case against the collection company that violated the FDCPA. You are entitled to receive up to $1,000 plus any actual damages. Again, there is no charge to obtain representation for collection violations. To see if a collection company may have engaged in collection violations, check for collection violations.


Representation to prosecute a collection company for a collection violation is available to you at no charge. If you require assistance with the underlying debt (the debt the collection company is trying to collect), representation is available under our Debtor Relief program as explained below. There is a $55.00 charge for such representation to assist you settle/negotiate a debt that you owe. However, as explained above, there is NO CHARGE to obtain representation with regards to collection violations. You do NOT need to resolve or pay a debt in order to obtain representaiton against a debt collection company and obtain up to $1,000 as described above. The following is an example:


ACME Debt Collection Co. is calling you day and night to collect a debt you owe to FastPayday Loans. You can obtain representation (at NO charge to yourself) to prosecute ACME Debt Collection Co. for telephone harassment. You can obtain up to $1,000 by way of a settlement or judgment without resolving/paying FastPayday Loans. In order to obtain such representation without charge, click here to report the debt collection violation. On the other hand, if you would like to resolve a debt that you owe, continue to read below for information on obtaining Debtor Relief representation. Again, Debtor Relief representaiton is available if you want assistance in resolving a debt. If you want assistance with collection violations, click here to report a debt collection violation.

If you are not certain if a debt collector is violating the law or not, send us an email at or give us a call toll-free at (888)504-8817. It doesn't hurt to check with us to see if certain collection activity is lawful or not.



Debtor Relief Representation (to obtain assistance with resolving a debt):

If you have debts (or alleged debts) and are being contacted by creditors/collection companies:

1.) We will STOP all phone calls/letters from collection agencies. Collection agencies will only contact you through us - no more phone calls/threatening letters to disturb you at home or work.

2.) An attorney will review the validity and accuracy of your debts and ensure creditor compliance with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

3.) If you desire, we may also negotiate to reduce your debt and/or restructure your payments to facilitate your financial recovery and stability. In some cases principle balances are reduced more than 50%. However, enrolling in our Debtor Relief program does not obligate you to begin making payments on any of your debt.

Our debtor relief program is simple, effective, and inexpensive. We charge a one-time $55.00 enrollment fee (payable in two monthly payments of $27.50) to represent you on up to five debts.* The program lasts six months during which time we will review past collection activity, compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and may work to negotiate down your balances. We do not charge a percentage of any debt reduction and there are no other fees of any type.

Enroll in our debtor relief program today, the collection calls will stop! Click here to enroll now.

*Debts are eligible for our debtor relief program that are not currently subject to any judicial proceeding (lawsuit or current bankruptcy filing).


Debtor Relief representation is not available in all states.