"A business's next best thing to having in-house counsel."

If you have received a letter of eligibility and wish to further review plan information or enroll, please locate the username and password on your eligibility letter and proceed to view plan information/enroll here.

Centennial Law offers powerful Business Citadel™ representation plans enabling your business to obtain affordable on-going legal representation for your day-to-day business needs. Starting at just $20.00/mo., plans are available to suit the requirements of most businesses. Submit an inquiry form to determine eligibility and rates for your business.

The following benefits included are included with all Business Citadel plans:

Legal inquiries
Important legal questions frequently arise in the business environment. Hiring an attorney to ask a question about a routine transaction or zoning ordinance is expensive and impractical. Under Business Citadel plans, you may ask quick legal questions for which Centennial Law will research and promptly respond, free of charge. You may also call the special after-hours legal support number.

Document Review
This benefit allows you to have business documents and contracts reviewed at no cost. An attorney will provide advice and/or recommendations so as to protect your interests in the matter. Examples include disclaimers, advertisements, employment agreements, purchase/sales agreements, service contracts, bills of sale, and warranty/return policies. Contracts or other business documents may be conveniently submitted by email attachment, mail, fax, or by upload through this website to be promptly reviewed by an attorney. (The upload feature is available through your client profile page).

General Attorney Time
The average attorney fee rate in California is about $300/hr. Business Citadel clients may obtain legal services at substantially reduced rates. This empowers your business to obtain counsel that may well prevent costly legal mistakes - without paying costly legal fees. A special after-hours
emergency legal support number is also provided.

Lawsuit Defense
Lawsuits, often against small businesses, are constantly on the rise. Many small or even frivolous lawsuits result in costly settlements being paid by businesses. This is due to the fact that hiring an attorney to defend the action would be even more expensive. Lawsuits can often be prevented or quickly dismissed by being proactive and maintaining an attorney on retainer. In the event that litigation is inevitable, Business Citadel plans work to mitigate the potentially severe financial burden of defending against a lawsuit.

Bad Check Letters
At no cost, Centennial Law will send letters in an attempt to recover bad check debts owed to your business. Contacting bad check debtors quickly and firmly is critical to avoid losses.

Employee background checks
Regardless of the nature of your business, problem employees may lead to inefficiencies, theft, and even ruinous civil liability. Centennial Law will provide your business with criminal/public records background checks on current or prospective employees - at no charge.

Letters/calls on your behalf
It is an unfortunate nature of the business world that conflict and misunderstandings are a natural and repetitive occurrence. Often a single call or letter from your attorney can prevent an issue from becoming a problem, and stop a problem from becoming a lawsuit. You will be surprised how fast routine problems seem to disappear when you involve your attorney. Common examples include charge-back disputes, credit report issues, and nonconforming services/goods disputes.